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About SITE

Who we are

Founded in 1973, SITE is comprised of  2000 members in 90 countries. Our 28 chapters span the globe and provide local connectivity for members.

Our members are incentive travel professionals who know from experience that incentive travel is a powerful business tool, and together, SITE and our members are on a mission to strengthen and support our industry.




Our values tell people who we are, what we believe in, and what makes us unique.




SITE is a global community of high-character people connecting its members around the world to a group of peers who share their skill and passion. As the only global authority on incentive travel and motivational experiences, SITE also connects our members to business leaders who seek improved performance through these powerful tools.




SITE’s members bring industry-leading expertise to their companies and clients, and something more — a unique can-do attitude that subverts barriers and transcends the everyday, inspiring clients and the people who benefit from incentive travel. This creative approach means we do things a little differently.




Our network of leaders and business owners take pride in achieving results for our companies and clients, and do it with an explicitly stated regard for ethics, transparency and mutual respect. Personal and professional values inform how we do business. We treat people right.  Members trust SITE to help them grow their businesses and further their careers.




Incentive travel is a proven business strategy that provides a measurable return on its investment. We focus on delivering these results for our companies and clients. SITE also brings results for members: tools to increase business; a community supporting professional growth, and a platform for industry advocacy.



Brand Essence

The brand essence (commonly referred to as an elevator pitch) is a top-line description that quickly says something about us and piques interest, opening the door for more detailed discussion.



Incentive travel is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. 

SITE connects incentive travel and motivational experiences with business results. Our research and data prove the ROI of incentive travel as a powerful tool that accomplishes these critical business objectives:

  • Strengthens employee retention
  • Improves performance
  • Fosters a culture of thoughtful motivation and success




Incentive travel.  Business results.  Incentive travel is the work our members do; business results are what our companies and clients are achieving through this powerful tool.

The SITE wordmark may appear subtle but it tells our story well.  What unites all SITE members is that you work in the incentive travel industry.  To help represent you better, the “i” and “t” are raised up because incentive travel works and IT is important that SITE clearly communicates what unites our members, and fosters a strong and growing global incentive travel industry.