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Here why join the SITE Global Conference in New Delhi.

Why You Should Register for this years SITE Global Conference.

SITE aims to create events where our members can –

* Network and celebrate with the global community of incentive travel professionals.
* Learn how incentive travel creates business results with education tailored to you individual learning preferences.
* Recognize excellence in our industry.

And SITE delivers on these !

The SITE conference is that one time of the year where we truly celebrate the incentive industry. It is where you receive some of the most awe inspiring education from experts from across the world. It is where you track trends and keep yourself abreast with changes to come. It is where you become a better professional by learning by example from the destinations we visit.

It is where you meet old friends and make new ones. The SITE conference is where I have cemented business relationships and developing the future of my organisation.

This year’s conference will also feature new session styles including ‘unconference sessions” and “deep dive cultural immersions”, as well as globally acclaimed keynote speakers like Rasmus Ankersen and Devdutt Patnaik, with more to come. The sessions have been designed around SITE’s new education format to meet today’s industry needs.

Some of you may be interested in bringing business to India, given the allure it has for groups. Some may be interested in getting business out of India, for it is one of the fastest growing outbound markets in the world. Many of you value the high quality of education and the comradeship that makes the conference familial. For some, it may simply be an opportunity to bring a partner and take that bucket-list journey of a lifetime.

For India Based Delegates – If you are interested in understanding how the global incentive market works or just getting some world class education in your own country, this is the opportunity to do it. Never before has such a high profile level of education been delivered for the incentive travel industry in our country.

This is a great opportunity to get your network going global from New Delhi. #takeadvantage #siteglobalconference